flying back

Today I am flying back to America! So we made sure everything was ready and headed to the Airport. There we met Muaz and checked in. I said bye to everyone and off we went. We flyed to Singapore then America! Bye Malaysia!

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Getting packed

Today Auntie Amy and Auntie Ita helped me get packed because I am leaving tommorow. We got vacum bags to fit the clothes into my bag. We went to a market called Mydin. There we bought another luggage and food. Then we went back to the apartment dropped of our stuff and picked up Uncle Halil. We went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch then we went to Daiso to buy Vacum Air Bags. After that we went to MBO to watch Journey 2 The Mysterios Island. The movie was great, after that we went to eat at Pelita. There Kak Yana, Kak Leen, and Abang Syah. Later Auntie Deedee and Uncle Jejai came. We met up at mamak for diner for my last night in Malaysia.


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Sungai Klah Hotspring

Today we went to a place called Hotspring. Hotspring is on Sungkai Perak another state. So it took about two hours to get there. When we got there it was very hot so we settled down and went into the cold pool. In Hotspring there are pools with different temperatures. We swam then went onto the slide. We also bathed in the mountain water. Then we went into the hot pools. In some of these pools you can only put your feet in it cause it is so hot. Some of the pools were so hot I could not stand it. Then we went into the bigger pool it also is warmer. We didn’t really swim. Then we went to a pool that we could not swim in, cause it was 100 ‘ Celcius. In that pool you can boil eggs, me Uncle Jejai and Auntie Deedee boiled some eggs. It took 7 min. to have a hard boiled egg. It was very hot when we opened up the egg but it tasted good. After that we went back into the cold pool and went on the slides again. It started raining so we went into the hot pool that was big. It felt nice because the rain made it a little cooler. After that we left and went back to Auntie Ita’s place.

Waiting for the tram.

In 40 celcius pool. (104 degrees)








This is where we boiled the eggs. Is about 100 celcius

The slide was fun


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Sungai Congkak

Today I went to a river named Sungai Congkak. This is a river on a foothill. So it was cold. It took about 1 hour to get there, this river was in the woods. First we ate Nasi Goreng then me Auntie Amy and Auntie Ita went into the river. When we entered it felt like ice. It was freezing cold. In the river were lots of rocks. The current was very strong. My croc floated away many times(I wore crocs while walking through the river). I walked out of river cause it was to cold for me. When we got out Auntie Deedee and Uncle Jejai arrived. They barbequed Crockle’s which is like a small clam. I didn’t really like the taste. After a while they finally went into the river. We swam and at that time the current was stronger. Me and Auntie Deedee also Uncle Jejai got swept away by the current. It was so fun and felt really nice, it felt like a river rapid. We swam and swam after a while we left cause it was so cold. Then we went to KLCC and ate there. I had Sushi King again. We wanted to watch a movie but Auntie Amy wanted to go back, so we sent her home and went back to the Cinema to watch ‘Chronicle’. We got home around 10. I’m sleepy now. Good night guys.











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Abang Syah

Sorry I did not write for two days, I did not have a computer. Anyway, Today I went to Times Square and went to the theme park with Abang Syah and his three girlfriends. We went on rides like bumper carts, rollercoasters, and much more. Then we went to wendys for lunch. After that we went to Karaoke and sang many songs. We finished at 5:30 then we went shopping. After that we went back to Nenek house and got my bags to go back to Auntie Ita’s house.






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Central market

Today I went to a place called Central Market. It is not a market it is more like a mall full of artistic stuff. There I bought souveniers for my friends and family, also something for myself. Then we went back and watched the movie Abduction. After that I went to my Neneks house and stayed there.





Do I look like a maniquin?


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Shah Alam.

Today we went back to Shah Alam. It took five hours to get there. We stayed with Kak Yana and Mak ngah. It was Kak Leens birthday today. So we bought her a cake. I already made her a birthday present. Auntie Deedee and Uncle Jejai came. Auntie Ita did not come because Uncle Halil was sick. Then Aunt Deedee and Uncle Jejai left around 12. Me and long slept at thier house.

Blackforest Cake, chose by I myself

Kak Leen & I

Kak Yana, Me & Kak Leen with the Blackforest Cake (chose by me)

A gift from me to Kak Leen (I made it, with Aunt Ekyn's help)


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